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Joose Has Not Been "In The Mood" Lately

Weeks after his first performance with PayDay LA at The Resident, Lynwood's own Joose released a video for his song In The Mood. Joose sings about how avid his love is for the woman and how he'll make that feeling evident. The song can be also a slight double entendre as he hasn't been in the mood for assumptions from his partner and want to show how he feels about those assumptions. He does note that he doesn't need her but he wants her to say that she is worth his time and no games will be played in their time together. Joose co-directed the video with Williummm as the visuals give the listeners a perspective of being in the middle of a serious conversation and reflecting on little moments as a couple like eating breakfast together. You can learn more about Joose from our interview last month and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @itsjoose_

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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