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Jxtt Admires His "Eden"

Christian rapper Jxtt shows vulnerability to his lover in his newest song Eden. The two-minute track focuses on compromising to move onward and upward in their relationship.

Jxtt graces over the saxophones and piano key instrumental with lines that paint how important it is for Eden to be by his side. He raps, "But you got me, you hold me close. I breathe your breaths and let you drive the boat. God you take the wheel, and keep me safe. Every promise ever made, you promised not to break. Cuz it's your covenant that I'm covered in like a blanket, I'm protected from the elements. You tell me move in, get settled in. You have a room like marriage, we the bride and groom. Never die. We live and thrive. For forever I, can't wait to see new Eden and never cry."

It's a song that fits this relationship metaphor: "a relationship is the body, the man is the head of the relationship and the woman is the neck of the relationship". The man leads with gusto and strength to move onward while the woman provides intuition to help the man lead them upward into higher elation.

Stream Eden on all platforms and follow one-half of the Godbruvas on all social media @timjxtt.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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