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KeilyN Returns With A "Triple Crown" of Singles

The Ohio emcee has been busy since the 2022 began. KeilyN produced tracks four, eight, and ten on Six Sev's newest album Give Thanks. KeilyN also has been collaborating on NFTs. His latest piece with iv gallery, SLEEP, is available on Makers Place. In the Triple Crown of singles, it includes songs like How I Feel Now, Chinese Connection featuring JAY-FIVE, and Keep It Honest. How I Feel Now really sets the tone of the group of singles. KeilyN starts the song off by manifestations of a lakeside house and pondering the perfect time to get his points across in his music. It's a storytelling song where he reflects on how he used to sleep in class and dream about where he is now.

Chinese Connection with JAY-FIVE had KeilyN bring out his alpha attitude on the beat. It's a bar heavy song with lines. Some noteworthy lines are "I'm blacking out, careful if you're capping out. If I bench press the credit, I'mma max it out. We can shake it like Vegas, I ain't crapping out. I'mma hand your ass the Oscar since you're acting out. Told them [boys] something, I don't owe them [boys] nothing, you keep talking out your ass, what you say? I never trust it. You way too insecure and worry about the public. Perception is a lesson and I always rise above it." The feature from JAY-FIVE is a contrast delivery wise because of Jay's lower tone and harsh voice compared to KeilyN's slick and lighter voice, but he also brings strong lyricism to the song.

Keep It Honest gives a similar relaxed vibe as How I Feel Now where KeilyN gets into his introspective bag. After he raps about how his therapist calls him arrogant, he dives into why the therapist would say that. He done heard and seen everything from the devil, so no one is competition to him. The instrumental involves heavenly vocals with beautifully timed piano keys that compliments the consistent drum kick. He takes accountability with a side of humility so that way he can truly be the best version of himself. His album is on and you can learn more about the LA rapper in our past interview.

KeilyN can be found on all social media @dopekeilyN

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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