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The Kidz At Play Are Trying To "COOLOFF"

Are you feeling like music is stale? Do you feel like everything is starting to sound the same? Tired of rappers all talking about the same old things? Looking for something new that shakes the game up? Well, look no further! It’s Savage again and I'm here to give you exactly what you’ve been looking for. Today I’m here to review the latest release from the Creative Collective known as Kidz at Play titled COOLOFF.

In a generation dominated by Trap and Drill beats Kidz at Play offers a light breath of fresh air with a light-hearted beat akin to the likes of Jurassic 5 or Slum Village. Gone are the 808s and trap hats. In their place just subtle, almost lo-fi-like, acoustic drum sounds. Coming out of Central Virginia these Kidz aim to stand out. And I use the term Kidz literally. This group dares to not fit into any box. They are clearly influenced by the greats that have come before them however, they’ve found a way to create their own lane in this industry.

Appropriately titled, COOLOFF talks about having to end a relationship for “needing more” which I’m sure we all can relate to. Especially in the present day. They cover the battle of balancing love with the struggles of success from a young and “rather” innocent perspective. From trying to put on a front for you think is the one and dealing with being tempted by sex in a situation you know isn’t good for you.

What adds a layer to the title is the timing. In the middle of July, when in Virginia it gets HOT, they decided to shoot the accompanying video with a fun-loving pool scene. When you see these guys spitting rhymes that are as sharp as razor blades, or as smooth as freshly the finest Chinese silk, it's certain to take you off guard. But once you're in then you’re hooked and you can see that fine hip hop can even come from the most unlikely of places.

Reminiscent of the Odd Future collective I challenge you to find something about this group you don’t like. Youthful lyrics, infectious beats, creative visuals, and even their own clothing line, it looks like the Kidz are here to stay. They’ve already taken on the city of Richmond. Now they look to spread their influence outward. Be sure to check them out on all platforms. Once again it's SavageX2 signing out. Peace!

Written by: SavageX2 @seriouslyxsavage on Instagram.

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