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Kimkilwhan Spits With Brooding Bravado on Debut EP "eLEMENT.1.1"

After releasing three singles just this year, VA rapper and visual artist Kimkilwhan caps off 2021 with his debut EP, eLEMENT.1.1. The project includes seven songs, two of which were released earlier this year, ADHD and IGAI (I Got An Idea). Both are brash bangers that should be heard first for an introduction to Kim's unique delivery, persona and style. The two songs open the project well, on a similar energy, a particular darkness permeates the beats and seems to underline the lyrics, cars, evaluating life, and more.

Crossing into All Talk, the beat is dreamy and retro, it feels like Monte Booker production, the hook swirls on it, the "GTFO" energy taking the lyrical crux of the song, as Kim raps:

"Phone on DND, do not disturb. Project baby but I grew in the suburbs/I give you change out my wallet on my purse, all that talkin' out the ass might put you inside a hearse." Antwone Deathwish hops on for an equally personal and standoffish verse.

Grindr Pages returns to the bounce and boldness of the beginning, catchy beat and hook, lyrics of sexual prowess and laughing at people too non-confrontational to step to him.

Honda S2000, Overstress and climate-change, are some of the calmer cuts from the project, they revolve around cars, longing for love, physically or otherwise, emotional pain, and self-medication. Overstress' beat screams underground hip-hop, as it sounds like the Alchemist himself made the beat. Lyrics in these two songs become more central, there's more story to them, and it shows the raw skill Kimkilwhan has as a spitter.

The project is a fiery EP that showcases great potential and dynamic ability, proving Kim can tap into different sounds, flows, and moods for any occasion.

On the inspiring factors behind eLEMENT.1.1, Kimkilwhan had this to say.

From the Artist:

"eLEMENT.1.1 was an EP that wasn’t planned, thought of, or even mapped out. It became a concept over time. I released ADHD and IGAI early 2021 and was at a point in life where I felt like everything was getting better, then out of nowhere 3-4 of my family members passed mid—2021, around my birthday. It was a lot to digest and I kinda got lost ya know? I felt like I had to redefine myself and create something that showed everyone what I was capable of. It’s one thing to level up on your own but when people see the progress, it’s hard to deny facts.

ADHD and IGAI are sister songs the way they convey my emotions and mentality at the time I released them. I was angry at the world, angry at myself. My brain felt like it was on a loop so, I eventually took that and made two songs from it.

All Talk was a song I made about people talking shit and running they mouth and my boy Antwone from LA jumped on and slid on the beat omg. Shit is crazy.

Honda S2000 is a love song and was my first one, I don't know, I didn’t wanna keep making depression shit so I was like okay, lemme have some high hope for a change in somebody.

Grindr Pages stemmed from me calling out niggas on Grindr like, niggas is 50 years old flirting with young VCU students like? My nigga shit is mad creepy.

Overstress serves as a testament to one’s self. To uplift yourself during hard times and that even if you’re overstressing, you can manage. You can change these patterns.

climate-change was a song I made about my friends Tay and Basia and my first time going to Staunton and the mountains. I consider them family and around that time, I was going through a lot at my own house hold and they helped graciously. They showed me mad positivity, love and compassion. Honestly it felt like a climate change." Follow Kimkilwhan on IG @kimkilwhan to stay up to date on his latest releases.

Stream eLEMENT.1.1 on Spotify here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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