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Kirbs Embraces His "Process" In Life

The Richmond emcee and writer Kirbs return with a surprise drop in Process. It's the third single he released this year which proceeds ALL CAP featuring OG Illa and Victory Lap which hit 10k and 17k plays on Spotify respectively.

He utilizes the jazz-influenced production to reveal how he wants to be enough when he looks in the mirror. The hook sounds biblical when he raps "I trust the process when like knocks me on my knees, I trust the process when I'm in the mud, I plant seeds. I trust the process, when they don't grow trees. I trust the process, like Philly with Embiid." This song speaks to the people seeking warmer days as they endure the cold fronts life brings them. He no longer runs from the pain; he sees it as a remedy to level up for the blessings to come.

He truly speaks with the eloquence of a rapper who's been making music since the mid-2000s, chipping away at his goals and enjoying the journey regardless of the challenges. He aims to be something more than talented. Learn more about the Virginia veteran in our MSQ Profile when he participated in our Quesday workshop for indie artists.

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Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhispirme on all social media.

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