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Born in Brockton, MA and based in LA, genre-defying artist and latest Dolby Atmos Music Accelerator participant LÉA THE LEOX (“Lay-Uh the Lee-Yo”) releases “Purpose” the second and title track of her anticipated Debut EP, Purpose. The lead single “When You’re Lonely”, released on Jan 25th, served as the perfect glimpse into the introspective world of Purpose. With stunning visuals, cinematic soundscapes and impressive lyrical prowess, LÉA creates an emotional cathartic journey. This “emotionally beautiful”//Creator’s Club track has generated significant attention across placements, press, and social media including charting for several weeks on the discovery-oriented DSP, Audiomack.

At a recording session late at night, LÉA became overwhelmed by the weight of working an unfulfilling day job and struggling to support both her daily life and budding artistry. Sensing her distress, producer and co-writer ObieIII picked up a bass guitar and began playing slow chords; soon after LÉA began singing a soft melody that became “Purpose”.

“Purpose” with the accompanying visualizer demonstrates the beauty in simplicity. Starting with the opening line “Just wanna be here in this moment” the song reveals vulnerability with the scarcity of musical elements. The prosody continues when the background vocals enter the chorus as if the voices of her loved ones are supporting her. Throughout the song, LÉA has been the subject of this story. However, after an emotional string interlude, LÉA surrenders ownership of the narrative and sings directly to the listener in a captivatingly intimate vocal performance. “Purpose” documents LÉA’s journey towards accepting and stepping into herself, realizing that her purpose isn’t solely tied to accolades and achievements, but rather stems from a deeper sentiment. LÉA states “The meaning of this song is fueled by the love that I get from my family.”

Bookending the Purpose EP, “When You’re Lonely” and “Purpose” can be viewed as the exposition and resolution of the narrative.

As the latest participant of the Dolby Atmos Accelerator, LÉA performed at The Digilogue SXSW powered by the Dolby Institute. In support of her upcoming debut EP, she will be performing a series of shows around LA, make sure to catch her live!

Throughout her previous releases, she was covered in numerous publications including Creator’s Club, Fashionably Early, Modrn Nation, Daily Chiefers and more. She was also featured on the front cover of Loading Magazine and Brain Bakery Magazine. Here’s what they had to say:

“There is some new star power emerging from Los Angeles in the form of LÉA THE LEOX." - Xavvi, Creator's Club.

"LÉA’s brief catalog already is impressively versatile" - Ben M., Fashionably Early.

"LÉA delivers memorable, poignant melodies that showcase her prowess and focus as a songwriter" - Jacob E., Modrn Nation

" cannot ignore her commitment to the art. Get hip" - fatboybrick, Dailey Chiefers


@leatheleox on Instagram.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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