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"Love Stuck" is a perfect R&B and pop fusion hit by Rudy Walker

You can tell Rudy Walker is excited for the release of his latest single "Love Stuck" The single is a dreamy, euphoric and playful record that showcases Rudy's signature sound and musical style including his warm vibrato, angelic emoting and pristine falsetto.

"Love Stuck' tells the story of Rudy Walker experiencing a newfound clarity and happiness in life, all thanks to the transformative power of love. The song blends the worlds of R&B and Pop beautifully in this feel good love song.

Rudy sings about how this love is 'stuck on' him and his love interest, showing how deeply intertwined they are, and playfully embracing the cliches that come with such a bond. This enchanting tale of love's impact transports the listener to a world where love colors every aspect of life.

Recently, Rudy was featured in Style Weekly and landing a headlining spot at ‘Something Indie Water’ 3 day festival. Rudy, continues to build on the rules of consistency and quality first.

Rudy: "Love Stuck captures what it feels like to have that ah-ha moment, where you realize that you are a better version of yourself, and ready to truly love. It’s about personal development wrapped in love."

“Love Stuck” is available on on all streaming platforms.

Written by OG ILLA

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