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Lovelace teams up with The Spot VA for Ripple Effect (Sponsored by theMSQshop)

In 2020, Lovelace Magazine and the Manassas, VA Clothing brand CVL Space were set to host 24 shows inside of their storefront. While the four shows in January and February went off without a hitch, the global pandemic pretty much shut down any hope of continuing.

Now with the Commonwealth’s relaxed COVID-19 regulations, Lovelace has teamed up with their pals over at The Spot RVA to bring you 3 shows this summer, beginning with “Ripple Effect”, a reimagining of the first show canceled due to Coronavirus.

On March 13, 2020, Ripple Effect was set to have performances from Waasi, Buto, and Sir Wann. All three will touch the stage in the post-pandemic version of the show. DJ Wonton and Sheila Sugar will also return to fill their respective roles.

The biggest difference in this 16 months is the emergence of the Dominion League Championships; a platform showcasing talent in the form of competition. They will bring to the show a performance battle between Flowz and ConFromThe703. The last Lovelace event, “got drip?”, hosted a similar concept between two “tag team” artists.

The match will consist of each artist performing two songs and having the audience decide the winner. If we cannot determine a winner based on crowd applause, we will defer to our in-house judges. The match will be sponsored by The MSQ Shop.

"As both the CEO of Lovelace Magazine and the Director of the DLC, I am so excited to bring you sampling’s of both what we’ve been doing, with a taste of what’s to come. I am so appreciative of The Spot, The MSQ Shop, and most importantly, the artists, for sticking with us and seeing the vision, as we embark and what we think is going to change the way people view music performance."

July 23, at 8pm, with a $15 admission. And please, wear a mask. They’re still required.

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