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Lundii tells stories of love and self in "Hedonic"

Lundii is back with a new EP, “Hedonic.” With a runtime of just under 16 minutes, the

EP consists of five tracks that showcase Lundii’s sultry vocal range and poignant lyricism, perfectly capturing the essence of the album’s title.

The EP begins with “Addicted,” where Lundii openly admits his flaw of being addicted to his lover’s

presence. The lyrics delve into intimate moments, expressing his desire with lines like

“wrap my hands around your neck, lay your body on my tongue.”

Moving into the second and third tracks, “Dangerous Ways” and “Medicine,” Lundii reveals his

vulnerability by singing about a supportive and reciprocal love. Reflecting on past

mistakes, he emphasizes his determination not to regress.

The most confident and self-assured track on the EP is “Like Me.” The catchy hook suggests, “Tell me who gon love you like me,” inviting the listener to acknowledge Lundii’s challenge to find

someone who can match his love and devotion.

Finally, the EP concludes with the emotional closing track, “Heartbreak.” Serving as a fitting end to this introspective journey, Lundii acknowledges that even amidst all the ups and downs, heartbreak is still present. Through “Hedonic,” Lundii showcases his captivating storytelling abilities, combining his alluring vocals and meaningful lyrics to deliver an impactful and memorable musical experience.

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Written by OG ILLA

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