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#MalNoCrawford's Upcoming LP "Cxxper Of All Trades (C.O.A.T) Chapter 1" Will Elevate DMV Music

#MalNoCrawford, who we at MSQ have covered before, is continuing his consistent run of releases with C.O.A.T, another notch in the belt, another stat line in a career that firmly establishes him as a name to look out for in DMV Hip Hop. The Alexandria, Virginia MC is releasing his upcoming sixth project: Cxxper Of All Trades (C.O.A.T) Chapter 1 on April Fools Day. The project aims to bring new heights to the DMV Rap Scene as #MalNoCrawford casually embraces his status as an underdog, through his status as an indie artist and his entrepreneurial ventures. All the while #MalNoCrawford is self-aware of the fruits of his hard work, and is confident enough in the strength of his music. An artist who is unafraid of critics who seem to undercut the talent and skill in #MalNoCrawford's art, and who don't acknowledge the way he incorporates new sounds that make him more versatile. Whether he's killing a Coldplay, Future or Young Nudy freestyle on YouTube, handing out memorable singles or full-length concept albums, #MalNoCrawford has proved that no part of the job is beyond his reach, setting the table for his new title and project as a man of all trades.

From the Artist: C.O.A.T brings seven prodigious tracks that #MalNoCrawford has never expressed before while a no-skip policy is a huge factor. Stay Tuned for Chapter II (Summer 2022) while this project is the jumpstart of #MalNoCrawford’s career.

Highlight Singles: BabyFace With The Beard, Copy 2x, 5000 Degrees.

Be sure to stream #MalNoCrawford's previous work to prepare for C.O.A.T's release on April 1st of this year, at the link here.

Follow #MalNoCrawford on IG here.

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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