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Marjakim-Serenades His Lover With Commitment In His Newest Single “Lovin’”

After Marja’kim’s previous single “Get Wilde” gained some solid media traction, he returns with his newest single “Lovin’.” Marja’kim’s newest single focuses on how he wants to provide all his love for a beautiful woman.

He displays his vocal versatility by switching from singing to rapping in different cadences. He opens the song with rapping “I just want to be the one that’s your lover, and it feels good that we always have each other. You stay by my side, can’t imagine this with another.” He sees the value of the woman he’s with and even states that when nothing is there at the moment, the emotional moment of stillness will cultivate into something long-term.

Lovin’” isn’t as lustful as his previous single “Get Wilde” featuring Chy Latte, but it shows the more personal and dedicated side of Marja’kim’s love

Written by Kaitlyn Ley

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