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Michael Millions & Butcher Brown Influence Thoughts On "Black Man"

"I just want the freedom to not think about freedom. We learned about his-story, not our story, why they mislead them? Money, power, and guns, that's a wild threesome. Life seems shorter than us, that's why we not sleeping."

Those are the first lines you hear from Michael Millions when the song begins. Black Man focuses on obstacles that black men face on a daily and how to persevere through them. Michael speaks from the heart when he describes a black family and the fears they face such as drowning in vices and violence. He asks the question. "black man, do you know where you're going?" to influence introspection for them to propel through life in an upward motion.

His lyrics are complemented by the famous Richmond jazz and funk band, Butcher Brown. The band plays their production at a slow tempo that builds up tremendously when the hook comes in. Their live instrumentation gives the song a refreshing feel as if you're in the Virginia Union gym watching them perform.

The video was shot at Virginia Union University and features a star-studded cast of local Richmond faces from rappers like Radio B to the Wax Buildup DJ party hosts Big Rich and DJ HipHop Henry.

The song is out on all streaming platforms. Follow Michael Millions on all social media @MichaelMillions and the Butcher Brown band on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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