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Interview: Mickey Factz of Pendulum Ink

Mickey Factz is a 15-year veteran emcee with experience under a label, as an independent artist, and as a mentor of aspiring artists. We at the MSQ Shop salute a recent venture he has undertaken, a Hip-hop masterclass known as Pendulum Ink. To learn more, we sat down with Mickey to learn more about Pendulum Ink and why the education it brings is necessary.

Interviewed by Max Olarinde.

Max: So how would you explain Pendulum Ink to those who are unaware, in your words?

Mickey: Pendulum Ink is a school founded by Mickey Factz whose sole purpose is to give emcees, poets, writers, and onlookers the tools to be better emcees. With over 80 courses, we dive into not only the creative aspect of writing within Hip Hop but also rap theory, the music business aspect, mental health, content creation, and battle rap.

Max: How did the idea for Pendulum Ink get started?

Mickey: The idea of Pendulum Ink came about in 2021. I wanted to start a masterclass on lyricism. After doing subs