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Miles A Paints Tells A Story of Triumph on "Lost It All"


Part of what makes Hip Hop so beautiful is its diversity. Whether you're looing for a hustler's anthem, a vibe for the kickback, or even a lesson on how credit works , Hip Hop is there to provide a soundtrack for your situation. Through all the different trends and changes in the genre, it's clear that the songs that stick with us are those that are rooted in an artist's real life. Reaching inward is what allows the artist to touch the world.

In his recently released track, Lost It All, Miles A. reflects on his come-up. The Baltimore native, based in Richmond, VA, paints a picture of triumph over a sample that could invoke tears on the toughest of them. The memoir serves as a perfect example of how a stranger can penetrate your soul, simply by writing a song about their own journey. Miles A's music can be streamed via the links below.

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