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Miriam is so "Sick of Love Songs"

‘Sick of Love Songs’ speaks on the frustration of a failing relationship and how hard it is to navigate and struggle through the aftermath. This songs is delicate, matched with soft vocals and beautiful harmonies. The chorus change in the ending is refreshing, raw and the lyrics are honest and really takes you into the headspace of regret. This song is a nice edition to the contemporary R&B era and brings the most relaxing and soft vibes.

“ I wrote this song during my breakup from my longtime boyfriend and that frustration and defeat I felt. It’s one of those songs where you sit back and just think about all the things you put up with and reflect on how hard you tried to make things work.” - Miriam

Atlanta based artist, Miriam is the moment. Mainly focusing on merging styles of R&B, Hiphop, and Pop, she has created her own unique sound. From acoustic guitar and violin pieces, to trap-soul and synth. The category of music is forever changing. It’s more than just a vibe. It’s a Moment. “Ear Candy”.

Sick of Love Songs is the upcoming single after the success of tiktok viral singles ‘CRAZY’ and ‘Bad Girl’. She has gotten the attention and coverage from blogs and playlists like ‘The Dialogue’ & ‘MSQ Shop’. She was even featured in an episode of music podcast ‘Products of the Culture’ where they spoke on upcoming music, events, and influences. It’s clear big things are coming and with the rise in awareness on Tiktok it’s only a matter of time before more eyes are on her.

Written by OG ILLA

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