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Mitch Felito Pours His Heart Out On "No More Drama"

In No More Drama, Mitch Felito displays his versatile flows to captivate listeners as he shares some pain-felt stories. Some of the topics range from losing his brother Rico to how friends turn into snakes and the corrupt judicial system. The stories he rhymes about also include how he would trade certain moments if it meant to keep the people he lost, showing the pain he has while creating this song.

Some quotes include: "How many n***** got jammed up got caught and didn't deserve it? Tryna feed they family and be a better person. Gave him twenty-five like he ain't even have a purpose. How the fuck you thinking you doing a service killing a person. I was hurting, lost my brother Rico, that was murder. Lost a couple n***** to the system that was like murder. Cops wanna remind up of some shit we never heard of. Imma leave the cheddar eating for you n***** who type nervous. Fucking rat n*****, go and close your curtains. When you in the mirror are you asking "is it worth it?"

This is the first song that Mitch has released since 2020 and it seems like he's planning to drop more content this year. You can learn more about the rapper whether he's in New York or in Virginia through his social media platforms @MitchFelito .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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