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MoneyMade Spadey Drops New Music Video for Single "Trampoline"

Hailing from the 804, MoneyMade Spadey is a VA indie artist. Although his single Trampoline was released earlier in 2021, the music video for it just dropped today!

The video was shot by @robonthelens. MoneyMade Spadey is seen rapping hard hitting lyrics while kicking it with his homies. The eccentric colors and camera transitions keep the music video interesting and upbeat, and it honestly made me wish that the song and video itself was longer! Overall, the vibe of the music video really matches with the feel of the song itself. This is a great single to be bumping for the start of 2022!

"If you gettin' a bag, then you'll feel like me."


Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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