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Morgan Gold Premiers New Single "Back Up"

Embodying her fully-realized genre of Ethereal R&B, Morgan Gold debuts her bright and cinematic single Back Up. This is the first and only single that will be preluding Morgan’s summer debut album, Midas.

The LA-born, Chicago-based singer-songwriter sounds more daring than ever before, grooving to a tune that sounds different, but familiar. We see Morgan glowing with a refreshing pop take on her sound thanks to her massive catalog filled with honesty, darkness, and mania. Packed with her charming falsettos and a slick hook, she sounds like the star she is determined to become. But what Morgan hasn’t lost is her nod to the dichotomy of human emotions. She finds herself on the edge of her full potential but struggles to identify her boundaries within this newfound confidence.

The pursuit of fame within a music career brings forth a desire for attention, a double-edged sword that can destroy barriers just as easily as they can destroy oneself. Morgan speaks very carefully about what she truly wants; anonymity one moment then glory the next. “My inspirations derive from the complexity of human emotion and spirituality,” she says. “The way we are, and the things we can achieve are part of something so much larger than life as we know it.” This fusion of larger pop and R&B sounds along with her liveliness has coined her the genre of “Ethereal R&B”

The track was produced and engineered by Morgan’s longtime collaborator and fiancé, Jamie Sumner The duo has released over twenty singles and two EPs between 2020 and 2022. Jamie’s eccentric and atmospheric production makes for the perfect wall of sound as Morgan’s sultry and feather-like vocals submerge you deeper into their world.