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“One question… did you mean to get me open like this?”

How do you debut a new era with one lyric? The first statement is either a bold, undeniable message or seducingly cryptic. From the opening line alone, Morgan Gold achieves both. “r o u t i n e” shows Gold at her boldest. While she is no stranger to the craft of a seductive R&B song, there is a sense of newfound showmanship. She smolders with cunning confidence; lyrics carefully guarded by open-ended imagery and metaphors. The record paints the scene of two lovers filled with passion and dizzying ecstasy. But it’s the pristine sonics and poetry of Gold and longtime collaborator 730Skylar that allow “r o u t i n e” to lure you into the next chapter; a full-length album expected to drop this September.

“You know that one record you start making and it instantly marks the next era? That’s what

“r o u t i n e” was for us”. Created originally on April 30th, 2022, the duo was just wrapping up production on their first album, MIDAS. Its fusion of pop, rap and ethereal R&B gave a bright and daring album debut.

“The energy was electric, and we matured a lot from the process of that album. We became obsessed with elevating our sound, and I think that really speaks volumes on this next one.”

Although the album title and concepts have yet to be revealed, it’s clear on “r o u t i n e” that Morgan is staying true to the ethereal soundscape, plunging deeper into the darkness of her own introspective. What starts as your typical sex song ends as if the main character is stuck in this fever-dream. Lust is one hell of a drug, but will this daily dose continue forever? And if not, where will her mind take her next? “There’s a lot of madness in this next chapter. I put all my desires and insecurities and fears into one record, so I’d say it’s my most personal piece to date. It’s a beautiful tragedy.”

The record was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Gold and Skylar’s home studio. The depth and care put into their craft becomes seemingly more obvious with each new release. And if “r o u t i n e” is any indicator as to what’s in store for us, we’re sure to be in for a dramatic, heartfelt and stunning thriller. Along with the release will be a music video shot and edited by Jason Kaplan, with creative direction and choreography by Baka.

Written by OG ILLA

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