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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

A rapper, writer, perfectionist and so much more, Drew Famous brings it all to every table there is. Born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, Drew is heard everywhere with the amount of music he's dropped.

Drew Famous, his stage name, was given to him around the ninth grade. It all started with kids stopping Drew in the hallway and trying to get him to freestyle.

I rapped for awhile, people started freaking out and yelling. The school cop came down the hall to break up what he thought was a fight. One of my friends yelled "THIS KIDS GONNA BE FAMOUS!" - Drew Famous

Then he made his Twitter name, "drewisfamous" and the rest is history.

Drew released his first solo album in 2014, but he's been writing for a very long time. You can tell by the he plays with words throughout his tracks. Beats that are uniquely hard to rap on are what influence Drew and keeps him on 10 when creating. While growing up, Drew would listen to artists like Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, Odd Future, and B.O.B. These artists have helped influence Drew's music from sounds to sights and more.

I don't want to waste a word and say some shit somebody else would say. What's the point? They can say it! - Drew Famous

The last two songs on his album 800DASH, 18 and SWIM were both written at the same time. It all consisted of Drew flipping through beats and putting words where he thought they were supposed to go. He also wrote 18 backwards, from end to beginning.

That's the first time I felt God's presence in the room with me! - Drew Famous

When Drew was younger, he used to write everything out when it came to making a song. Now, he just gets on the mic and speaks what he feels.

Now I'm just trying to have a conversation through my work. - Drew Famous

As of right now, Drew Famous recently dropped an album titled HEAD HELD HIGH a few months back. It's a perfectly put together 17 track album. Its filled with hard hitting instrumentals and vivid lyrics that you can picture clearly as if it was through Drew's eyes. The features with artists like 1pump, Zach Thousand, RXK Nephew & many more flow perfectly with Drew's high powered energy on the album. Play Your Part (featuring Will Amadeus & Left Brain) is a rugged track filled with Drews confidence spitting at you how fake folks need to stay in their places. It's just one of the many tracks you can connect to and blast in your speakers. Drew came at this album strong and ready.

Currently, Drew Famous is working on an album that's coming this year called WHILE THE WAR WAGES ON.

Believe in yourself and keep your HEAD HELD HIGH! - Drew Famous

My goal as an artist is to show anybody they can do anything they want to - THEIR WAY. Not by following others paths. - Drew Famous

We look forward to seeing more art spewing from Drew's brain.

5 Indie artist shoutout: RXK Nephew and Tony Shhnow is all I listen to. Head Held High is a culmination of the best indie rappers out right now. Just listen to my album, that's who I want to shout out!

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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