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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Flawless: adjective; something without flaws, unimpaired, unblemished, unmarked, perfect. When the word Flawless comes to mind, the name Dony should follow immediately after. Sedated flows, lyrics that hit close to home, and sometimes spacey but rhythmic productions make him stand out from more trap-like and aggressive rappers. Flawless Dony speaks about his daily life effortlessly over melancholy beats.

Dony is originally from Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. He's been focusing on his own music since 2020, but music is a huge part of him regardless. When it comes to his stage name, "Flawless" comes from his inspiration and favorite artist, Lucki. Dony truly feels like he can make anything when he's in that "making music" zone.

I just feel flawless when it comes to making music. - Flawless Dony

When it comes to Dony's influences, what goes on in his daily life and emotions are really what feeds his hunger when creating. His family, friends, and favorite artists also spark ideas that turn into a fire track.

I try to talk about my life and also make up stories within the music. - Flawless Dony

Dony's track The Greatest, gives you an insight into what he wants out of his music career. He just wants to be labeled the greatest, and with the tunnel vision Dony has, he'd really earn that label. The Greatest comes from a time when he was dealing with a woman that ended up playing him in the end. This was just a small thing to a giant. Dony continued to work on himself and his craft. The whole situation showed that he's capable of taking his music career seriously without any distractions.

This water get real deep, try to swim in it. - The Greatest by Flawless Dony

In this day and age of music, freestyling has become more popular but for Dony, creating a song is different. He takes his time writing his lyrics. Although it takes a while for him to write a song, Dony gets it done.

Creating a song to me, really is just me thinking about scenarios that have happened to me or just hearing what vibe the beat is and also how I'm feeling. - Flawless Dony

Flawless Dony believes that as a musician, you have to continue being yourself in an industry where there are so many carbon copies. You have to make what you like and be comfortable with it because not everyone will support it. If you're being you're true self, people will respect that in the end.

Always keep an open mind and be as creative as you can. - Flawless Dony

Dony's most recent album "Flawless" was released in December of 2021. It has 11 tracks on it full of Dony's perspectives and inner thoughts. Songs like MissedYourCall and YouChanged show you that he's speaking from his heart and he means every lyric written. At the end of a few songs on the album, the tempo is slowed up and gives the songs a whole different vibe. Dony speaks on topics like fake love, having no regrets, and not following trends all the while remaining his flawless self.

As of recently, Flawless Dony has released three singles; The Greatest, Where 2 Go, and End (featuring Balmainwayne). All of these singles are different but all match up to Dony's self-expression. The tracks vary between Soft Rock and Hip-Hop elements. He had to give his fans something just to hold them over until the next project, "Paper Over Problems". Flawless Dony is trying to make the next album better than his last, so it'll take some time but we're definitely going to be waiting on the sidelines. We look forward to seeing Flawless Dony grow as an artist and release more of his creations.

My goal as an artist is to just build a fan base. Money and fame is cool but I'd rather know that I have guaranteed listeners who genuinely like my music first before anything. I'd like to know that my music is actually being listened to and I'm not releasing it for no reason.

Five Indie artists I'd like to shoutout; Truly.zy, Quegonpop, Realkingcam, Balmainwayne and LVBsean

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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