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Bold voices reside everywhere in Richmond, Virginia, including Ivani's. She keeps her sound tailored to her daily emotions and endeavors. Whether it's a simple harmonization or a flow that can't be stopped, Ivani brings the energy needed.

When she started making music seriously, the name Ivani just came along. She really just needed a name that matched the face and it did the job perfectly.

It’s has an actual meaning, “gift of god” which is pretty dope. I’m not super religious but I do believe in higher powers and the gods so whoever sent me that name it fits me and shoutout to them. - Ivani

Ivani has been making music for about 2 years. There were a few tracks made back in elementary school when she used to go by the name of "Lil E". At the start of 2020, Ivani became aware of her love for making music. After that, she began to lock in on it.

It's truly my therapy. - Ivani

When it comes to influences, for Ivani, it's nothing too specific. She feels most inspired by life in general. Making what she can out of her emotions also helps.

If I have to pick one emotion that influences me I would say the fire of hurt. - Ivani

Ivani has been dropping frequently as of this year with singles like Catfish, Pressure, and F O R E V E R. We love artists that apply pressure and keep the heat coming. These tracks have interesting wordplay that's Instagram caption worthy. Her newest EP, Bias 4 the Better is more than just an EP, it's a tidal wave. This cool, calm, and collected EP has classic R&B elements that you'll unknowingly bob your head to. With Ivani's vocals that can switch up from rap to harmony quickly, every element complements each other throughout the EP.

Headstrong, the last track on the EP is the perfect pairing of Ivani's voice and the instrumentals' melody. It's the perfect track to keep you up and confident no matter what's going on. Ivani takes her time on the track and unfolds her energy, letting the lyrics of the track breathe into your ears and out your mouth, easily. Ivani's energy on the track is faithful, hopeful, and aware, which she translates beautifully.

An older track, 804, was made after a semi-bad day that Ivani was having. She decided to go to the Churchill overlook with her speaker and the beat came on. A freestyle came spewing out, which ended up becoming the entire song.

For me that’s pretty fucking dope cause I don’t freestyle especially a whole song but the city inspired me . - Ivani

For Ivani, the creating process is mainly writing. She doesn't necessarily freestyle, but she can hear a song in her head before the writing even comes. Writing a song for her usually take 30 minutes to 2 hours.

I might go back a day later. maybe revise a bar but after I get the skeleton I take it to the studio and begin the magic. - Ivani

Ivani's newest drop, Bias 4 the Better, is dear to her heart. So please run that up as soon as you can. Ivani also has a collab with WutzUnique and Anomiii called "Good 4 Me" that they dropped the video for about a week ago. Right now, she has lots of singles in the vault and might get those off her chest before the next project. We look forward to seeing Ivani's progress and new releases coming soon.

The message behind my music is: don’t be afraid to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in or your goals. A lot of my music is for those who feel silenced. It’s a lot of people who can relate with certain emotions and actions, but can’t find the words or don’t have the care to speak up because the feeling of being misunderstood. That’s okay that’s what I’m here for. Some people just need to know they’re not alone. - Ivani

Goals as an artist? My current goals right now are just to keep networking, keep grinding, take my music to different states and just expose myself beyond regions also work on some photo shoots and my music videos.

5 indie artists shout out: WutzUnique, Tma, Kay Taurus, Lofileone & Anomiii.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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