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Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kirbs laidback vibe, and steady words keep you on your toes. He is not average, if anything he's a seasoned veteran in this game. Kirbs has been putting out music since 2003, starting out as a 13-year-old, suburban kid making comedy raps and parodies. With that being said, he's been making music for about 20 years.

Within the first year though, I wanted to be taken more seriously. At the time, R. Kelly was screaming “its Kells!” on all his tracks and I had made parodies of his shit and yelled “its Kirbs!” (My government is Zach Kirby) and the name and that adlib stuck. - Kirbs

As he began progressing and taking his music more seriously, it definitely became the right name for him. All Kirbs is about is honesty, so it's only right he chose his government.

Q: What influences your music? (i.e. musicians, shows, certain art forms)
A: Kanye has been my biggest artistic influence (for 20 years) but he makes it really hard to be a fan I'm kinda done. Jay Z, Cam’Ron, Lupe Fiasco, Common— those 5 are like my influencer top 5. Always admired Murs indie grind/truth-telling and I don't fan out over J. Cole, but, I think we have similar approaches. Eminem, Game, 50 Cent, XXXTentacion, and Nipsey all need to be mentioned here.

Kirbs had about 100 songs but wiped the slate clean for his upcoming album. He wants and is looking for a rebirth of sorts. And apparently, all the old songs were of bad quality and he never prioritized the quality.

With “Victory Lap” (lol my only song currently on streaming platforms “ALL CAP” coming whenever my quesday drops) I thought for a second I was gonna get DMX on it (“Victory Lap”) to do one of his prayers… but his account was probably just scamming. I had spoken to him before when I was a kid (gave him my CD and he promptly threw it away lol) so I thought maybe just maybe he remembered that and it wasnt a scam. When I dug deeper on getting the “feature” whoever was on the account (maybe DMX?) got really mad-just like DMX! So maybe it was him! RIP. - Kirbs

When it comes to creating a track, Kirbs can become crazy meticulous about the syllables and saying the exact words that explain where he's coming from while firing up a listener's brain. Although, on his newest project, he's managed to jump out of his comfort zone, being more spontaneous and collaborative.

I’m def one that listens to beats and let them tell me what the song is gonna be about— kinda map out w nonsensical shit what the tone/melody is gonna be and then fill in the meaningful words from there. - Kirbs

In Kirbs newest single "Victory Lap", he genuinely uses his lyrics and clever words as his weapons. The track is easy to vibe to as Kirbs calmly, honestly, and non-violently raps across the smooth beat. The visual is real and you can tell this is really just a regular thing for Kirbs. You can tell he takes time to recognize his syllables and words.

Is there anything you want the world to know? (is there a message behind your music?): I don't make gospel music by any means but I'm def someone who thinks that “God”- whatever that is- designed music as a tool to amplify the beauty you already see and uncover the beauty (in the struggle) that you dont see yet. On a more earthly level, while I def think that there's an important place for “street reporting” in Hip-Hop… you know money, sex, drugs, etc —I do try to challenge the notion that you can talk about “regular” shit and it not be a joke or an affront to the core of the culture. - Kirbs

We look forward to hearing Kirbs new single, "ALL CAP" ft. OG ILLA is dropping within the next few days. Kirbs album "Has Potential" is also dropping on September 30th, which will also be his 33rd birthday!! It will be followed by a special edition physical copies/bandcamp called "Had Potential". We're already following along and can't wait to see it all unfold.

My 5 indie artists shoutout: Other than the people I shouted out on 54321, I wanna shout out Corb the Don, Kaay Taurus, Rep!, Blackliq, and Blake G. - Kirbs

My goals as an artist?: I’m too old and in tune with the fact I don't want to be famous to chase numbers and popularity. I am respected by the artists I respect and almost everyone I have come into contact with musically. Dropping a project after a ten-year hiatus is all about showing my 2 daughters that when you love something, you see it through. And I owe it to my love of Hip-Hop and my journey as an artist to create/promote a fully realized project like this. After it's checked off the list idk what will happen in my music career but, I'll always support creators through the MSQ and be a voice rooted firmly in everything great about Hip-Hop. - Kirbs

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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