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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

A man of many talents, REP! (Reppa Ton) is a Hip-Hop artist, producer, and director hailing from the West End of Richmond, Virginia. Around 2006, is when REP! began making music along with falling in love with it, it became one of his main priorities. Throughout his well-constructed lyrics, unforced flows, and rhythmic cadences, you gain an understanding of what goes through his artistic mind. Regardless of how far he goes with his art, REP! will always be a student of music.

You can hear his multi-genre influences and versatility throughout his projects. In his most recent EP, XMS LFTVRS (goodbye Reppa Ton) (released in December of 2021) you can hear the fire he breathes. You can easily pick up the early Hip-Hop, pop, and soul elements REP! is influenced by. The lessons he learned in the past and is currently learning are being expressed beautifully. Every song flows into the next, but my personal favorite would have to be Angels In My Call Log. It gives me a bittersweet feeling-, and a constant reminder that life isn't just black and white. There are more perspectives to be seen and more stories to be told. REP! displays real stories attached with real feelings that make up his lyrics.


It doesn't stop just at rapping with him. REP! has indeed stepped into his singing bag as well. On the song, Gone Astray by Ant The Symbol featuring REP! (Reppa Ton), you experience his soulful vocals. This is actually the first track REP! has released singing. After REP! explained the story behind this song, I knew he was proud of this release.

It started with a double-headed night at a Hollywood mansion party he was DJing. Immediately after, REP! was to be performing on stage at another event.

"After a long night, my homie took my laptop by accident, and from there it was lost." - REP!

Ant The Symbol did send the beat prior to the incident taking place so, REP! was already writing lyrics to the instrumental in his head.

"I was riding up and down Sunset Boulevard, calling everyone and every place I could, trying to find the laptop. I finished the song as soon as I got a call back from a hotel." - REP!

When he finally got settled down at his crib, he realized for the first time, that no one was at home. He was completely by himself. REP! took this time to step out of his comfort zone, and sing on this track. There was talk between REP! and Ant about selling the lyrics to Mary J. Blige. Eventually, Ant convinced REP! to keep his vocals on the track.

Besides 90's Hip Hop, and a range of 70's rock music, REP!'s curiosity is another contributor to his influences.

"I think what influences my music is my curiosity about the world, myself, and what makes things...things." - REP!

Creating a song looks different for every artist. For REP!, it's most likely on the natural but hectic side of creating. Lyrics and ideas can come from anything at any time of the day. It can be a process, whether it be long or short, messy or clean, it'll all come together in the end for REP!.

"Creating a song looks like a mad scientist feeding a chicken and cooking a 30-person meal." - REP!

Although REP! didn't mention any upcoming album releases, he did say there is a single to be released. The date is to be discussed, but he says MSQ Shop's very own, OG Illa, is anticipating the drop. The song is titled "Toxic" and is produced by Grammy-nominated producer, M.Millz.

As far as events, REP! will be performing alongside Sneeze and other talented artists on May 7th at the Crown in Baltimore. Don't even trip if you miss that one because there will be another soon after. The second one will take place June 2nd, at The Broadway in NYC.

Buy tickets here.

"The five independent artists I'd like to shoutout: Sneeze, Mister Elle, Pgb Renegade, Radio B, and Johnny Ciggs."

We can't wait to hear more music and see more visuals from REP! He becomes more and more seasoned as an artist with each day. REP! is far from finished and still has one major goal he'd like to accomplish...

"I want to win the most Grammy's of all time." - REP!

Stream REP!

Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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