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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

He's the perfect representation of a hustler with a driven attitude and has just the right amount of aggressiveness to get his point across to you. BIG NO whole energy reminds you of that classic Trap music full of perspectives and shameless attitudes towards getting it by any means. The Northside of Richmond is where BIG NO has bustled his way through most of his life.

Coming up as a child, his nickname was Nino. Eventually, he realized lots of people were calling themselves that so he cut it to "No" instead. He's also been making music ever since he was a child starting in 6th grade.

There have been many eras in Trap and Gangsta Rap ranging from Waka Flocka to Project Pat but BIG NO has other influences. Those are, Jay Z, T.I., Jeezy, and Beans, which you can hear elements of in certain tracks.

About 2 years ago, BIG NO released a track called Favorite Baby Daddy. which focuses on the drama surrounding baby daddies and baby mommas. BIG NO makes it known that he's not worried about any man around him that doesn't take responsibility for his own doings. This song comes from a time where NO was graciously providing for his cousin when the baby daddy wouldn't.

Her baby daddy hated the fact I would do for her when she needed as I do for alot of my family. This guy hated it because it showed how he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing. He said to her "he must be yo favorite baby daddy" so I flipped it and made a song. - BIG NO

Back in March of this year, BIG NO dropped an EP called Thank Da Plug. It's 9 tracks filled with indignant yet truthful views of his life as the hustler he is. It passes through topics like having street sense/life, spending money, how important BIG NO's city is to him and so much more. He paints vivid pictures of how he handles losses along with his wins over stuttering kick drums and heavy bass.

All the tracks on this EP are very well put together and you can feel his energy on every track. One of my favorites from this EP is Shake Back. His voice on the hook is alarming and rugged and grabs your attention immediately. It really puts you in a go-getting mood even if you've been going through something heavy. BIG NO's mind is clearly on never stopping the money flow he's wrapped up in and pushing up on any inconvenience.

Real ones take a loss get it back nigga! Stand on your own two, shake back nigga! - Shake Back by BIG NO

When it comes to his creative process, the beat will most likely be chosen last. BIG NO's songs are written without beats first and then the rest of the song is constructed.

....just like when I was in prison. Then I'd go through beats I have to see if anything matches or bring it to one of my producers for them to make a beat around it.

As for upcoming work from BIG NO, we can expect at least 4 visuals for songs off the Thank Da Plug EP. He also gave us word that there will be a Thank Da Plug 2 coming this Summer. With the hard-hitting energy he put into the first one, the second can't be (and won't be) anything less than that. Also, be on the lookout for the Project 24 Remix that'll be presented by his studio, Infinity Recording Studio. We look forward to seeing BIG NO's releases and projects.

My goal as an artist is to sell out Madison Square Garden. - BIG NO.

BIG NO's 5 Indie Artists Shoutout: SR Fry (Free Fry), Monnie 2real (Free Monnie), Big Street Deedy (Free Deedy) Hollywood Dutch, and Clef Majorz.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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