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Sean King is a jack of all trades with the amount of creative stuff he finds himself doing in Richmond, VA. Some of his many talents can be displayed through photoshoots, music videos, music, acting, comedy, and directing

Artists often have name changes whether it be an alter ego, something never heard of before, or just...a name. For Sean, it started out as "Aj Biggs". Unfortunately, an artist beat him to 1 million views and we know how that goes. But, it didn't shy Sean away from eventually using his given name.

I cut my losses and went with my real name Sean King and it’s been the best decision. - Sean King

Sean began making music in 2006 with one of his cousins. They made music off of his school laptop while playing beats from the 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Street Ballers video games.

His inspiration for his creativity is that all of it is a personal release. The whole process is creative no matter what to Sean, as long as you stay consistent in your work.

You can shape it however you want! Not being able to like draw or dance really helped me stay focused on getting how I feel across through music. That’s what influences me the most. - Sean King

Back in May, Sean and +Plus made a hot R&B/Soul single called That's the Vibe. Both of thei