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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Stayathomedad has been a road runner since birth. He comes from a long line of nomads, never staying in place. Stayathomedad has been all over the world as a veteran and is currently based out in Orlando, Florida. The name "Stayathomedad" stems from a joke that he said to himself one day and then it eventually just-- fit.

I was like stayathomedad would be a funny rap name and I'm an actual stay-at-home dad so it works. - Stayathomedad

He also thinks it's hilarious to see who will actually call him "dad".

Dad has been making music for about 15 years. To him, he's been making "good" music for about 5 years. It's interesting to see an artist differentiate the years of them putting in work. Stayathomedad states that he's influenced by everyone and everything. The way he processes these things comes through music.

Whether I want to be or not. Psychologically that's how influence works. - Stayathomedad

When it comes to Stayathomedad's newest tracks, if the wifey doesn't like it, it's scraped. His wife likes fun, vivacious and free-feeling music. That's exactly what Stayathomedad has been putting out since he started back making music.

Speaking of "free-feeling", Laps from his newest album SWEET is the perfect, leveled track. Dad's correctly pitched vocals give off a calm yet demanding vibe. It's the perfect nightcap song that you could two-step to if you wanted. His discography is filled with poppy rhythms, R&B sounds, and catchy flows. Take his track Infinity Stones for instance. The lyrics linger in your mind along with the galloping beat. Dad's pleasant voice expressing his feelings is simply mellifluous.

For Stayathomedad, there's no set creation style when it comes to his tracks, melodies, and lyrics. Sometimes it can be a quick one-and-done process, other times it can be long and drawn out. His creations are never forced, natural is better and sounds better. Dad also doesn't go to the studio until he has the song completely written and fleshed out. Sometimes, Stayathomedad has issues with going back and changing things in songs that he's trying to get over.