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N'Shai Iman's Latest Music Is A Colorful Neo-Soul Flourish

N'Shai Iman is a singer from Detroit by way of Columbus, OH. She paints vivid sonic portraits through her fusion of neo-soul and indie R&B. Her 2021 has been jam-packed with releases and events, an EP, Transition, was released in May, in November she performed at Columbus miniFest, dropped her latest single, Simmer Down, and released a music video for her lead single off the EP, Lost.

The music video for Lost plays upon the song's solemn atmosphere by incorporating dark forests, clocks on the wall, floating in deep water, and arguing with two copies of herself to exacerbate the lyrics of being lost, confused, and questioning oneself. The song is haunting and beautiful with its execution and the genuine emotion that is packed in it.

Simmer Down is a more upbeat single with an infectious instrumental from Yogic Beats and a glittery hook that make it feel like it was made for a neon-soaked nightclub. Wobbling drums and a synth that warms the coldest hearts rises as N'Shai sings about easing tension, concealing feelings, and risking it all for someone. A song like this makes me want to hear N'Shai collaborate with a producer like Kaytranada, just to hear what high-energy magic could be created.

Considering the effort placed into her craft thus far, I think it is safe to say that N'Shai Iman is continually going up from here.

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Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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