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It's "SUNSHINE ON DOOMSDAY" In Nah'Shon's Newest Album

Nah'Shon is an IE (Inland Empire) native who is a producer and recording artist that dropped a twelve-track album titled SUNSHINE ON DOOMSDAY, and it's a banger! Even the name itself is clever, with the juxtaposition of sunshine on doomsday. Who said you can't have sunshine on your bad days too?

Sunshine (intro) set the tone with a simple beat and hard-hitting lyrics. I really loved the clear vocals and mixing on this! A lot of the songs in the first half of the project are more intense than in the second half. Some songs are hard, some are dark, and some are alternative. Nonetheless, the favorites were the upbeat and raw tracks towards the end of the project.

I absolutely LOVED the groovy/techno beat on SUNSHINE AND SUNFLOWERS. The vibe of this track is 100% my style and it reminds me of the 80s a bit. It has a catchy hook that builds up and overall just makes you wanna get up and dance!

I enjoyed the confidence and frizz on Talking About. Songs like these make me feel like the shit! I also love features where each rapper gets to show off their own flair in each verse.

WHOA NO is another one of my personal favorites. The chilled-out r&b beat coupled with the laidback rapping is the best combo. He poured his heart out with these bars!

"So decadent / I'm so blessed with this / Y'all can't mess with this" - Nah'Shon

The last track titled OUT THE UBER is another laid-back track with raw bars and vocals. I appreciated the flavor that each feature added to the project, especially this one.

I was pleasantly surprised by this album, and I wish I found out about Nah'Shon sooner! I thought that it was so creative how he manages to shout out his name in multiple songs (ex: Intro and WHOA NO). His music reminds me of a more versatile $uicideboy$, and each track on this album has its own unique feel and vibe. You just gotta listen to understand!




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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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