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New Single with JayceJanae and Paige Joiner Shows We Haven't Heard the "End Of It" from Shelovezxo

If you take a look at Shelovezxo's Instagram, or even the cover art for his new single, "End Of It," you might say he's mysterious. One thing we do know about him is that he's dropped a steady flow of hot singles since 2019. "End Of It" is no exception. In fact, this might be the one that brings this mystery man to the center of attention.

The sound-bed provided by Aye Lil & ARGO1800 is a digital waterfall of technologic synths raining all over the drums. After Shelovezxo sets the theme of the track with a Wale-like poetic intro, he immediately comes in hard with the hook, "I know you lied about them things that you told me. I know you think about the past-- that's the old me. I just really miss all the times you would hold me. I thought you was solid, 'til you fuckin' sold me..." Who can't relate with that?

All three of the VA vocalists on this track: Shelovezxo, JayceJanae, and Paige Joiner FLEX some serious mastery of melody-- all weaving their own separately styled, but complimentary sounds together. JayceJanae's verse is a moment. It feels like something ready for major rotation as she bounces and harmonizes with "is it toxic of me to have a hint of jealousy when you wanna spend time with someone else other than me?" This song serves major SAINt JHN featuring Doja Cat on a beat made for Lil' Uzi Vert vibes.

For a song that is undeniably ready for mass consumption the way "End of It" is, and how it ironically feels like the start of something big for these indie artists-- it shouldn't be forgotten that this is also lyrically and sonically a great "breakup" song. This is the one you pull out when you're still sad, but you're also sure it's over, so it's time to get up off the mat and start moving on. The problem with a lotta breakup songs is that they don't hold up when you're no longer sad. Thats not the case here. If you're not looking for the lyrics here, you can definitely just fall into the vibes or vice-versa.

This song is a bop that belongs on any playlist-- but it hits even harder if you're going through it. The MSQ Shop can't wait to see where this one leads, and we're looking for even more hot music coming from Shelovezxo and the crew. Stream his music on your service using the link below and make sure to follow on social media to stay in tune with the movement.

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