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No Face is "Black Gold" in his new EP

Virginia-based artist, NoFace, Rapper is two-for-two in his latest and most concise release, Black Gold. The EP, produced by Pvvli, packs years' worth of gems into just two, easily digestible tracks.

No time is wasted on the title track as NoFace, Rapper hits the ground running. Letting off reminders of just how strong blackness is, he proudly states, "I got me a black queen, I'd die for my black son. I'm looking at their melanin, it shine like Black Gold." Face does not let up on the affirmations of value and pride, making Black Gold a perfectly timed anthem for generations current and future.

Between the bounce provided by Pvvli and the catchy chorus penned by NoFace, Rapper, On The Move disarms the listener while embedding messages of financial freedom and economic empowerment. The second half of the 2-track EP is a refreshing spin on the money talk, replacing superficial bag-chasing banter with legacy-building principles. The importance of vision is made clear as Face proclaims that his moves today will build houses for his GRANDchildren in the future. His prayers for "more than a job with some benefits" advises listeners not to get stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel by mistaking the vehicle for the destination. With every bar, On The Move serves as an illustration of what moves look like when coupled with direction.

Complete with value-based messages that don't compromise wordplay and clarity, the EP explains why NoFace, Rapper is a case study for the maturation of Hip Hop. This comes as no surprise to those familiar with Face's body of work. Coupling the skill of such a seasoned penman with production from one of the most prolific producers in Northern Virginia was simply a match made in heaven. Links to both of these Virginia-based creatives can be found below.

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