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NoFace, Rapper's pen game is Filthy

A year into the pandemic, the game resembles a monopoly board after a belligerent child slams his fist on the center of the game, sending pieces flying all over the place. In this unprecedented landscape, all players from the average Soundcloud rappers to the machine-backed industry plants have been forced to reconsider their approach on everything from subject matter to monetization.

While this chaotic chapter has set some artists back significantly, it has created opportunity for others. Hate it or love it, tenacity has manifested in the form of polished virtual performances, remotely-engineered studio sessions, and exclusive Bandcamp/Artist Website releases for many artists. For Northern Virginia's own NoFace, Rapper, there appears to be only one objective: keep going.

It's only a few days into March and NoFace, Rapper has already dropped his second EP of the year, accurately titled Filthy. Produced by ManwithXface, the project opens up giving that frosty, first-thing-in-the-morning vibe, which is quite fitting as NoFace comes in seizing the day. The palate-cleansing introduction is followed by seasoned word play over drums that command heads to nod on Flashing. It feels like pre-workout in an MP3. Quite ironically, the EP concludes with a sample that takes the listener back as if to prompt the listener to rewind and reflect. From the production to the way the gems are delivered, it isn't hard to see the beauty in the filthy.

The Filthy EP is available exclusively on NoFace, Rapper's website and on Bandcamp:

NoFace, Rapper Official Website -

NoFace, Rapper Social Media

IG - @nofacerapper

Twitter - @nofacerapper

ManwithXface Social Media

Twitter - @ManwithXface

IG - @manwithxface

Soundcloud - @manwithxface

Written by J Geronimo // @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @GeronimoGTFU (Twitter)

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