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OG Illa Has No "Opposition"

The creative director of TheMSQShop and rapper OG Illa returns with a unique visual for his song Opposition. Opposition is shot by The Uth Music and it has Illa being the best NHL player in the league while dominating the sport of bowling.

The hook places great emphasis on "if you ain't getting no paper, then, you can't be my opposition..." Illa displays great confidence in the video by his bowling prowess and confidence after being in a brawl during the hockey game. His confidence exudes throughout the video by signing the largest contract in league history and a brief motivational interlude where he knows his opposition isn't ready for what Illa overcomes on a daily basis. It is a very fun video to watch as the serious and blunt message of the song is portrayed by humorous twists that can rival that of the Anchorman film. Fun fact: part of the video was shot at TheMSQShop office space.

You can find the song on all streaming platforms and follow OG on all social media platforms @hlgnlife . You can also follow the video director Uth at @theuthmusic .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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