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Editorial: OG Illa Shows His Gratitude on "Mama's Song"

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Much of the Hip Hop multiverse can be described as modern day mythology, consisting of larger-than-life clout gods who are decked with diamonds and lead cult followings of varying sizes. Even the conscious artists exude an aura of immortality with their ability to bend the English language into awe-inspiring monuments. However, as superhuman as we know our favorite artists to be, the most powerful element an artist can possess is vulnerability. From The Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" to Kanye West's "Spaceship," it seems that the deeper an artist reaches into their own heart, the closer they are to touching ours. In revealing their cracks at the risk of judgement and torment, our superheroes become beacons for hope and reinforce our belief in them. This is exactly what OG Illa gives the listener in an ode to his mother, entitled Mama's Song. In this brief, yet powerful glimpse into his childhood, OG Illa assures his mother that her love can (and did) outweigh even the most desolate circumstances. Memories of my own childhood come alive as the Richmond-based rapper paints vivid illustrations of hand-me-downs and stove-heated baths. Mama's Song reminds the listener that while the past cannot be undone, love can sustain us nonetheless. It isn't hard to imagine how liberating this message of gratitude and forgiveness might have been for Mama Illa. But for those lacking in imagination, recently released footage shows the rapper bringing his mother on stage to perform Mama's Song live and in the flesh. The rest of the room may as well have disappeared while years of grief and emotion melted away in one of the most intimate performances I've seen in a long time. There comes a day in every child's life when they realize that their super mom or superdad is another flaw-filled mortal. Hopefully, there also comes a day where we forgive them. Salute to OG Illa for giving us a blueprint. Mama's Song is one of many stories told on OG Illa's most recent project, Richmond Renegade and can be streamed on all platforms. Stream On All Platforms - Follow OG Illa on Social Media-

Written By: @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @GeronimoGTFU (Twitter)

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