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"OG Scrilla" Is An Album That Inspires To Take Chances And Get To The Money

OG Scrilla is a collaborative album by the Richmond-based artists OG Illa from HLGNLIFEand Rah Scrilla of the Gritty City collective. The duo recorded the album in two nights. On songs like Paid In My Sleep and Respect featuring Scream Geronimo and Mickey Factz, they cover the themes of money and respect. The leading single for the project has Illa signifying his worth over the competition because of the certainty he has for his path to greatness. Rah Scrilla provided the hook on the song and Geronimo slides into the song with an ominous verse addressing any competition and how they'll fall back to his superior presence. Paid In My Sleep is a song for ambitious artists striving to make passive income from their musical works. The interludes in the song make the album's concept of making bread like if you're in the mafia. Getting to it by any means and take chances on yourself. The visual below for the song Prayers fits the gritty "By Any Means" theme, shot in such a cinematic fashion as you see them making tough decisions in the heat of the moment.

The project was mixed and mastered by The Uth and had a variety of producers on the project. LilKilobeats produced Big Wins, Profound79 produced Paid In My Sleep, Bvtman produced Respect, John Canada produced The Nerve, Netuh produced the OG Scrilla Freestyle, and The Uth along with Leo Red produced Prayers. You can stream and or buy the project on Bandcamp and follow the artists on Instagram OG Illa (@hlgnlife) and Rah Scrilla (@rahscrillaede).

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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