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Ohbliv Lets Loose The "LewsesJoints 9" Beat Tape

Famous underground producer Ohbliv let free the twenty-track project LewsesJoints 9 on Bandcamp. For those that may not be familiar with Ohbliv, he's a member of the Mutant Academy collective which features the likes of Big Kahuna OG, Henny L.O., producer Graymatter and rapper Fly Anakin who were on Peter Rosenberg's Real Late album that dropped earlier this month, and several more individuals. Ohbliv also has a mural in Richmond, VA with fellow M.A. member Fly Anakin and has worked with underground legends like Nickelus F on projects and performances.

To me, LewsesJoints 9 sounds like a more refined soundtrack for the late-night Adult Swim commercials. Even the trippy project cover gives it this unique aesthetic that supplements the lo-fi beats on LS9. Some of my favorite tracks on LS9 have to be Amrita Cure with the distorted vocals and drum kicks along with Peyote Visions and its beautiful horns and sound loops. If you've been listening to Ohbliv for some time, you can appreciate his lo-fi production and how he became a Basquiat of it. For the newer listeners, his sounds can catch a listener off guard in regard to the pacing and the intricate ways he places certain instrumentation over each other. Ohbliv is also a sampling king finding the most random of soundbites to rip to give a certain beat even more character. You can buy the project on Bandcamp below and follow the producer on all social media @ohbliv .

via @ohbliv Instagram page. Anakin is on the left and Ohbliv is on the right

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media


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