OMARtheGroove Is Right On Time With "Thriiice"

OMARtheGroove's latest single Thriiice is a mesmerizing mesh of groove, pain, and melody that would stand out in any rap era. Coupling lively production and animated vocal performance, the Virginia-based artist brings emotion to life in a way only a Virginian artist can. And what better day to release it than on 7/03?

The rapper's opening admission that he's "not doing okay" feels less like defeat and more like unapologetic self-expression. It isn't a struggle song, it's relatability packaged without the weight of reality. It's what the world needs more of in today's climate and comes right on time.

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Produced by Talen Ted & Ceo.wav

Artwork by Klif

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Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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