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Ovrkast. Bleeds Passion and Melody on "VENT"

Oakland native Ovrkast. has released his latest single, VENT, and it speaks entirely for itself. The first half of the song is all verse, no repeating hooks to distract from the artist venting about post-traumatic stress "I came from the shaky fingertips when I hear popping sounds," and having to wear a fake smile when love "can still be vacant." During the first half the beat is guided by a warm, gentle piano riff that loops, the kind of indie sound that reminds one of Earl Sweatshirt. This should be no surprise, as Ovrkast. has a producing credit on Earl's 2020 EP, Feet of Clay.

The second half of the song, starts with a sample from a Tik Tok by La'Ron Hines, where he asks a preschooler what country he lives in, for the preschooler to answer "the hood." The beat becomes more percussive, faster paced, melodic hums line the background, and we still hear piano riffs, but they are slower and more dazed. Ovrkast. continually raps "Where I go to vent" over the entire second half, which begins to sound more like a question than an answer. VENT is a powerful depiction of the frustration that repressed emotions can cause, and asks the listener to consider where their own safe spaces to vent are.

Stream VENT on all platforms here.

Be sure to follow Ovrkast. on all socials @ovrkast

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all socials.

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