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P8N Strives To Stay "Alive" In His Journey For Millions

P8N is an eightneen-year-old singer and songwriter from the Music City of Atlanta, Georgia. Born on October 29th, 2002, he started singing at the age of three and never stopped. He recently wrapped up his first major independent project & is now getting major label attention. He’s an obvious heartthrob and captures audiences with his contagious energy on stage and his genre-blending melodies mixed with his own dark R&B sound. He crafted a unique art of mixing his own emotions and experiences as a teenager into songs that are relatable to all ages. Across the board labels, producers, engineers, and fellow musicians have unanimously expressed their excitement in working with him. He is set to begin new projects with 5x Grammy Award-winning super producer and Emmy-nominated Bangladesh and platinum producer Kenny Bartow. His much anticipated first single Alive is the perfect blend of dark, haunting, and euphoric vocals mixed with a hard beat. He spans genres bringing listeners on an ear-bending journey through R&B, pop, and a fusion that includes his own cultivated signature sound. With hit after hit set to release, fans can expect the unexpected from this talented and refreshing new artist. You can follow him on Instagram @iamp8n

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media

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