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Peter $un's "Phone Calls Gimmie Anxiety" Is A Testimonial About His Growth

It’s always a treat when an artist’s introspection ignites another layer for listeners to engage in, cultivating both a conscious and contemporary effort that deserves to be digested continuously. Capturing the consistency of his 2021 project, Scumbaby in its fusion of jazz elements and melodic baselines, Phone Calls Gimmie Anxiety does just that - gives us a look into Peter $un’s mind through soulful instrumentation and peak lyricism. It’s the gateway to getting everyone hooked.

Opening with a track entitled Metamorphosis(Butterfly) and closing with U Smell Like da Color Yellow; this concise collection centers around growth, stagnation, turning up, and fully committing - all while equally gripping the attention spans of those who just want to bop. With this EP being a testament to balancing mainstream, marketable music with high-quality content, let’s dive into the tracks that stood out and stay on repeat:

  1. Metamorphosis (Butterfly); both the instrumentation and the emcee get to breathe on this track, individually shining while maintaining a cohesive sound that sets everything off perfectly! $un gives something of a soliloquy over keys that feel like Saturday morning cleaning - homely.

  2. Tryna Figure Things Out; the melancholy hook grabs listeners from the start, its simple harmonies turn car rides into karaokes, and that’s only the surface level of the single. I found it to be the most relatable track as it tackles issues of contemplation, false appearances, and perseverance.

  3. U Smell Like da Color Yellow; this track struck a Neo-soul chord in my soul! From the complete submission to a lover in the lyricism to the slick blend of harmonies. It’s the chef’s kiss to this project and easily could compete with any R&B playlist track.

Diving into Phone Calls Gimmie Anxiety gave me the burden of having another project to contemplate as my “Project of The Year”. It opened my eyes to the beauty of his last album Scumbaby, reminded me that jazz and hip-hop need to be in unison more often, and provided a therapy session without coming off as preachy or prescriptive. Peter $un is on my radar from now on.

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