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Pgbrenegade's New Music Proves He Cannot Miss

Pgbrenegade, the artist, engineer, and CEO of PGB Productions has been on a roll closing out 2021. In September, he released his sophomore album, When It's All Said And Done. The project is 17-tracks of proof that Pgb is as versatile as he is potent, utilizing a multitude of flows, melodies, and subject matters that build his artistic credibility immediately to first-time listeners. Standout tracks include: Precision, Loyal, Goku Never Beat Vegeta, and Out My Mind. Believe me, this list is much longer, it was very difficult to narrow down.

At the beginning of November, Pgb struck again with a music video for his song UMV (Understand. My. Vibe.) The song itself is much more lyrically-centered, Pgbrenegade using the visual to flex his technical prowess as a rapper and also air his grievances with people who may not understand the darkness he has experienced. The actions within the video itself are minimal, drawing the viewer to really listen to what's being said.

Pgbrenegade's latest release is a bass-banging single, Act A Ass, featuring Jay?duhhh. Both rappers bring powerful verses to the fast-paced 2:17 song, both bragging about their talents artistically and financially. Icekrim builds the beat with a looping sample of what sounds like an animal screeching, complemented by piano and bass that thumps and shakes any speaker it touches. "I was calm and collected, now you see my broken heart/If you start, watch me paint a vivid picture with my art," as Pgb says.

To close out 2021 on this note is a feat unto itself, the bar has been set so much higher for Pgb, but considering his work ethic, it is no challenge to him. Make sure you check out his work through PGB Productions as well, you'll find that he isn't scared to freestyle or collaborate with a wide range of artists to create new sounds that we'll all be bumping very soon.

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Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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