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PhilFo Is "Buggin" In His Latest Music Video!

PhilFo is a 22 year old VCU student originating from Virginia Beach, VA. He has been making music since 2017 and has worked out of a number of studios -- most recently The MSQ Shop. On top of making his own music, PhilFo also highlights other VA talent via PhilFoPublicRadio, which airs every Friday at noon on WVCW Radio!

This week I will be reviewing PhilFo's latest music video for his song titled buggin, coming off of his EP the lies i told which dropped last year in March. I've only seen clips and snippets of this music video so far, but I can already tell the amount of work that was put into all of the visuals and editing. The cover itself is already so eye catching!

Hit play and watch with me as I give a brief music video review of buggin by PhilFo!

The song itself is DnB heavy, with the beat sounding high energy and a bit "busy". PhilFo levels out the atmosphere with his laidback melodic flow. The different cuts and POVs in this music video are insane! Something extremely subtle is the crispy clean transitions, not only from scene to scene, but from bar to bar. PhilFo does an excellent job maintaining the same energy throughout various locations.

I enjoyed how this song encompasses everything that I know PhilFo to be -- fun, silly, yet still a little haughty. The skating scenes added that touch of personality that makes this music video feel even more genuine and real. To me, it really just feels like some friends hanging out!

The music video was so well paced and matches the song to a T. My favorite part is the strings instrumental of the sky through the fisheye lens. It was so creative that I had to run it back (three) times.

Both the song and music video are so PhilFo coded. He really does maintain that same energy and persona in real life guys! Be sure to check out the music video and give it a like, and stay tuned for more from PhilFo!


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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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