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Phillyblunts Wants You To "Taste The Groove" and Move To His Funky Sounds

The Groovy Fellow known as Phillyblunts delivers an album full of serenades and electronic melodies. Taste The Groove is a seventeen-track funk project that covers his groove where he balances his love for women and weed. Phillyblunts approached the project as if he was making a soundtrack to a mid-seventies movie and gave even more life to them with his vocals. His vocals become parts of the instrumentation rather than conquering the sounds he shares his stories on. Live a movie, the album features a star-studded cast such as Mike G from the Odd Future collective, Madd Rich, west coast comedian Teddy Ray, and more.

So Fine sounds like the perfect wake and bake song with your liver. The visual compliments that statement as Philly and his woman rubs on each other, making each other feel special as they grab some weed to heighten their sensations together. So Fine's production involves light piano key usage meshed with a wonderful bass pattern that mixes a smooth, groovy sound with traits of modern hip-hop sounds.

Not Your Average is another groovy track that focuses on feeling sensational with a woman. In the visual for the video, you can see how happy Phillyblunts look as he is living life to the fullest. His serenade uplifts the woman admiring her body and filling her with life as he releases his affection to her. The groovy ways of Plillyblunts has the woman's mind wrapped around him like the finest blunt as they hit a natural high together.

All This Dank featuring Ghetto God takes a different direction musically from the rest of the album. It's a fast-paced instrumental where Ghetto God raps about how he maintains his cool while being on the move. It's an interesting turn from his sounds in the album. Compared to the other two visuals mentioned in the article directed by Hoff, it's more modern with little correlation to the vibrant hue transitions to reflect his seventies grooviness.

Some of the high points in the album include his collaboration with Mike G on Team Up, Excited which taps into that vintage west coast sound where the slower production gives more anticipation for the snares and kicks, and the hilarious skits from Teddy Ray narrating the soundtrack. Taste The Groove is definitely an album to relax and enjoy a good blunt at any time of the day. You can find the album on all streaming platforms. Phillyblunts can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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