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Pnk Flamingo Shows You A Good Time On "Pnkville"

When we look at the color pink, what do you think? Femininity? Drinks? The neon lights of a Miami nightclub? In color psychology, the color pink is associated with traits such as calmness, innocence, optimism, and sexuality. Pnk Flamingo's latest album hits all of those characteristics in Pnkville. Rappers Yours Truly Double You and Tobias both produced an alternative rap album that blends in soundscapes, guitar strings, and electronic melodies, not to mention references to the various hoods in Richmond, Virginia to paint different stories of love and lust.

Oh No, It's Jessica Again! opens the album with Double You reminiscing on a night when he faces infidelity with a woman and regrets because of it. The opening lines provide vivid imagery of the song's theme with the lines: "Guess who threw his whole world away last night? You can't win, I said you wouldn't. Cuz it only leads to one more fight, and it'll end up with scratches on my back. My next ex-girl 'bout to have a field when she finds out with this one. She got my location and she's on the way fast. If I get lucky, this'll end with a-- never mind." Double You would go on to realize his past mistakes and claim he'll be a better man once the seasons change.

Yours Truly Double You provides the rapping vocals and Tobias provides the hypnotizing singing vocals throughout the project. Tobias' singing shines in the songs Blue Lagoon, Third Party, and Oh No, It's Jessica Again!. Some other highlights of the album are the songs Pineapple Juice, Killing The Rising Sun featuring EMPRESS RAV, and Valerie featuring Aléta.

When asked about the album-making process, Double You stated: "We wanted to reach deeper in our bag and spend more time experimenting with the sounds that we grew up enjoying in our youth. We went into each session with the mindset of “nothing is off limits.” There’s a lot of passion and pain present in the sounds and we wanted to be as genuine as possible while still providing a sound that draws you in and KEEPS you there. Spending the amount of time we did to perfect this album did wonders for the cohesion of it all. For some of these tracks, we went back and re-recorded 3-4 times because we wanted to make every song more than just a song, it all needed to be an experience."

Listening to Pnkville by Pnk Flamingo is like what happens when a bartender pours Don Q® silver rum and blends it with strawberry, banana, and mango purées: the album feels like you're having Tropical Fun. Pnkville is a blend of bars and melodies guaranteed to have you replay this album during a party.

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Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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