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Our Producer Of The Week is Poetics! Born on November 9th, 1995, Poetics is a 26-year-old producer hailing from Phoenix, Arizona! Poetics made his debut as a producer in 2016, and he has six years of experience under his belt. Throughout this time, he has been credited for over 200 released songs by artists that include Snøw, Rxseboy, HONNE, KB, Futuristic, Chuuwee, Derek Minor, Chris Rivers, Beanz, Vin Jay Canon, Marlon Craft, KJ-52, Wande and more!

Vy: How did you start producing in the first place?

Poetics: Most of my career started when I was in Nashville, Tennessee for 5 years. I was a protégé of rapper/producer Canon, and he helped me hone my craft. Over time, I slowly got better at producing, and I built a lot of connections and friendships in the music industry. I dropped my first producer single in 2017 five years ago.

Vy: What is your work process like when producing music?

Poetics: My work process is based around friendship and inspiration. I generally only work with people who are my friends, people I get along with, or people who really inspire me with their sound or what they stand for.

Vy: What do you think makes you stand out from other producers in this industry?

Poetics: I'm one of the only producers I know that branches out with lots of sounds. I love keeping listeners on their toes. I consistently drop lo-fi beats on my Spotify, and on top of that I also drop a lot of trap, boom-bap, r&b or whatever style I feel in the moment with the artists I work with.

"I really love being unpredictable. It helps me stay creative." - Poetics

Poetic's music has been featured in the HBO series Boomerang, the British dating show Love Island, a media campaign for Xbox, and the video game NBA 2k21! Several NBA and NFL teams have used his music across social media platforms, and big media outlets like Esquire and Hoonigan have used it in videos as well.

Chosen by to its Freshman Class of 2019 - the second producer to ever make the list - Poetics has been interviewed by Elevator Magazine, Rapzilla, Trackstarz,, and other sites that cover hip-hop music.

In 2021, his single Narkoleptik premiered on Revolt TV. Respected among both the hip-hop community and the lofi instrumental community, Poetic continues to release music in both avenues and continues to test his limits with each song he produces.

Poetic's music can't be put in a box because as he said himself, "I love keeping listeners on their toes." It's likely that you've probably heard one of over 200 tracks he's produced, but now you can put the face to the name. Be sure to check out Poetics everyone!




Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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