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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Our Producer of the Week is 20 year old producer Alex, who is more commonly known by his artist name Cloudboy Roz. Roz is an independent artist, engineer, and producer from Calhoun, Georgia. He enjoys creating music and YouTube content with his own "one man band," and he truly is the definition of a do-it-yourself musician. His most recent album titled YOU AND WHAT ARMY was actually written, recorded, produced, mixed, AND mastered by the one and only. So how did Cloudboy Roz manage to become an all-around musician in the first place?

Picture Credit: okenjii (colored pic) and Alex Mauricio (black and white pics)

Vy: How long have you been producing?

Roz: I've been producing since I was 13 years old, so it's been almost 7 years now. I was a producer before anything else, and it actually started out as a joke! A good friend of mine made a joke about a mixtape and I thought it was hilarious, so I stole it and ran with it. Eventually I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if I actually made music?"

That was where it all started. I began making beats out of my phone on the school bus, then eventually transitioning to my bedroom studio.

Vy: What inspires you to produce?

Roz: I don't know what it is that makes me want to produce. I suppose my love for creating music drives me to do so. I get inspired by so many things usually things I come across in my day to day life. I used to record sounds while at school or in public, and I would sample them and make beats out of it. Most notably, I've made beats out of sounds like shoe squeaks, screams, random sounds from my old job, and memes.

Vy: Briefly describe your sound.

Roz: I'd say my sound is beautiful, aggressive, anthemic (uplifting), and also emotionally intense. I'm not even sure how to pinpoint exactly what my sound is. I kind of leave that up for interpretation. My sound is my feelings in audio. Vulnerability in a musical form.

Vy: What is your work process like when building a beat?

Roz: When I'm not focused on a project? Messy. I explore with sound, so sometimes I venture to weird places to produce. Usually, I get on my computer and see what I'm feeling. I may pick up the keyboard and lay some keys, or I may pick up the guitar or bass and start from there. Sometimes I even look through YouTube for the goofiest sounds that I can find and make beats out of them.

Recently, I've been producing with a cheap keyboard made for kids. Sometimes I create something beautiful. Sometimes, I just sit for hours playing guitar and zoning out.

Vy: Who is your dream artist to produce for?

Roz: My absolute, most top dream artist that I would want to produce for is King Krule! King Krule is one of my favorite artists of all time. God, I love him so much. I want to be able to work with him and see how he operates. His sound is just beautiful, and the way that he is able to create an atmosphere just amazes me every time. That's something that I've been trying to work on—creating spaces and illustrating with sound. I still haven't fully tapped into that yet, but when I do, I'll never leave the studio again!

Vy: What do you think differentiates yourself from other producers?

Roz: My environment for sure. See, I work with my limitations. I'm still making most of my beats out of stock sounds. I'm the flower that blooms from the concrete. I believe that things are what you make of it.

I didn't have the most spectacular upbringing. I've had plenty of nights where my family and I struggled and sometimes still struggle to this day, but I can't say I never had anything. I had a roof over my head, food on my plate, and love. My purpose is to bloom and help others in my environment to bloom as well. Lord knows I try <3

"I love to connect with people and express vulnerability to show the world it's okay to be vulnerable. I love music that makes me 'feel something.'" - Cloudboy Roz

Vy: If you could, what advice would you give to the younger version of yourself?

Roz: I’d tell younger me that "It’s okay to mess up. Mistake are essential in life, and they help you grow. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Take that class, ask that girl out, make that song, say those words! You’ll be uncomfortable, but you’ll be just fine! Worry less and love more!”

Vy: lastly, what's one fun fact about you?

Roz: I am a Capricorn, so that basically means that I'm the GOAT! Don't you forget that! :)


Roz is actually a good music friend of mine, and I've personally been able to witness his progress and growth throughout the past year. His music is genuinely the embodiment of vulnerability, and it's amazing to see how he is able to channel his emotions into each song. If you listen carefully to each line and compare each project, his discography is practically him telling his life story. I truly admire his talent of storytelling through music.

He is constantly looking for a new project to work on, as well as a new message and meaning to portray to fans with each drop. His artistry and musicality is one thing, but he really knows how to seamlessly package it up and deliver!

Be sure to check out Cloudboy Roz, and stay tuned for our next Producer of the Week!


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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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