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Meet Kaay Taurus: a singer, songwriter, saxophone player, and producer emerging from Richmond, Virginia. Born in Fayetteville, NC, Kaay Taurus stays true to her southern roots by blessing the scene with a blend of jazz, soul, and hip hop fusion. Using smooth r&b vocals and sweet gospel harmonies, her music is a form of healing and inspiration for every listener. Her sound is heavily influenced by legends such as Anita Baker, Amy Winehouse, The Isley Brothers, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, J Dilla and more.

Her musical journey began with a saxophone at the age of 12. As her passion grew, she would develop into a vocalist, leading local school and church choirs. With a background in jazz and marching band, Kaay Taurus continues to broaden her scope of practice as a student at the Los Angeles Film Academy, majoring in music engineering and sound production.

Kaay Taurus is signed to Los Angeles based creative label, Mind After Midnight, and recently released her debut single, TLC. Her video, shot by theMSQshop, continues to gain traction on social media and various online platforms.

Not only is Kaay the performing artist, she is also a co-producer alongside Stephen "Dewon" Cheeks. Specifically, she played saxophone and bass on this record!

Vy: Who or what inspires your sound as an artist/producer?

Kaay: I’m heavily influenced by jazz music like Miles Davis and Jaco Pastorius. I love the feel of soul, r&b, and jazz together