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Our Producer Of The Week is 25 year old producer NayG hailing from Matoaca/Ettrick, VA. NayG's been in the producing game for six years, and he has production credits for artists such as 10k.Caash, T-Hood, 1Play, 4epJiggy, Luh Kiddo, Nolia, Geo NoLove, Ak Esko & more! Aside from being a producer, it is evident that his artistry is shown in his fashion and photography as well. So who is NayG, and how did he get to where he is today?

Vy: How long have you been producing?

NayG: I started producing 2016 so I’ve been producing for 6 years but I started to take producing more seriously when I rebranded myself back in 2019.

Vy: How did you come up with "NayG" as your stage name?

NayG: My name “Nay-G” comes from an anime show called Naruto. There's a character named Neji (“Neh-jee”), and I tweaked it and came up with NayG.

Vy: Briefly describe your work process.

NayG: I feel like my work process is different than most people. I wake up at 7AM, make breakfast, make a herbal tea, then sit down and create whatever I'm feeling. I'll go out and enjoy my day then come back to my computer to create more music at around 10PM. I'll just keep creating until I get tired and end up falling asleep.

Vy: Who/what inspires you when you make beats?

NayG: To me, this is my form of expressing emotion, and I can inspire others through my sound. My father also inspires me because he started his own business doing what he loves, and that pushes me to work towards the same goal.

Vy: What do you think makes you stand out from other producers in the field?

NayG: I feel like what makes me different from other producers is that I still do other things than just producing. I’ve had my own radio show, I sometimes perform with artists, or even be an extra in the music video. Eventually, I want to get to the point of being a creative director or even being a model while still being a producer.

If you're "Waiting For NayG To Bag It Up," go check out other tracks he's produced such as Rockstar Hickeys by Tune G and Pumpfake by NayG himself! It was truly inspiring getting to know NayG's story, and I can't wait to see what he shows us from here!



Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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