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Our Producer Of The Week is 25 year old producer Paxton Cobb, who is more notably known as PaxTheCollector! He is a Connecticut artist who is the true definition of "do it yourself." He creates his own beats, songs, and graphics! Pax's most recent song On God, as well as his other DSP releases, were all produced by the one and only!

One last fun fact is that Pax was a personal favorite amongst our IG post asking for Producer Of The Week recommendations. The music community loves him, and some claim that he is the best producer on the east coast!

Vy: Who inspires you to make beats?

Pax: My highest inspirations for beat making would be Madlib, Dilla, 9th Wonder, WondaGurl, The Alchemist, and Knxwledge. There is more, but this list would be too long!

Vy: Briefly describe your work process when producing.

Pax: I solely make beats off of my phone using GarageBand as of right now, and over the 4 years I’ve been making beats this software has really grown my skill set & showed me I have no limitations to my creative outlets. It gives me the freedom to create wherever I want, as well as hone my skills until I level up to a more complex DAW (aka Digital Audio Workstation).

I actually have some personal experience with GarageBand as well, but I was shocked at the quality of Pax's beats! It is evident that Pax is knowledgable with the software because it was my first time hearing something so professional come out of GarageBand. Pax is truly a hardworking, dedicated, and talented jack of all trades! Be sure to add PaxTheCollector to your playlist!



Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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